In today’s day and age ,believe it or not , 95% of people are confused in selecting the right career for them and even more for their children, reason behind this confusion is having too many options for career for a  child makes it very overwhelming for parents; unlike in 80s  and 90s or even before where parents/child  had very limited choices to make which made it relatively simple for parents but also frustrating and suffocating  for few of students if their likings/interests  did not have any formal career which could earn them a living .

To overcome this confusion you can seek an consultation and  you can expect the broad window of career themes which can help your child and you to figure out where he or she can focus overall  -where strength lies , and will enable you as a parent to choke out a long term career path for your child  which will not only make your child’s  life more engaging and productive but will make lot of difference in their academic performance too.

And if you seeking a career guidance for your own self you can expect to know when you are  hitting a good or a challenging period in your career graph  and also what are the  times in your career  where you can expect raise or promotions , will business be more suitable or being in service will be more likely to happen or mix of both ? how content are you  in your career ? all this questions can be answered and will definitely put your anxiety to rest and you can be at peace with your work .


Om Shanti

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