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Hello, I am Yogesh Lohra, and I live in Mumbai, India, a country of Vedic traditions and customs. I have studied masters in engineering (Telecom), and I work for MNC in India for my living. Astrology is my 2nd Profession (lately discovered Passion (Finally) It was only in 2011 that I developed a keen interest in Astrology. Before that, I never imagined that Astrology will become such an integral part of my life. The event which sparked the astrologer in me was the birth of my son in 2011. Traditionally, in most parts of India but particularly in my hometown Jodhpur (Rajasthan) (city of astrologers as well as Royals), we always look for an auspicious day and time (Muhurat) for any new beginning in our lives. Be it buying a house or a car or even the birth of a child? Circumstantially, due to medical reasons, we landed in a situation where we could time the birth of our child. My then interaction with a few astrologers around me emulated my curiosity, coincidently, when I began my study, I was running Jupiter-Venus Dasha, and my Jupiter in 9th is aspected by Ketu from 3rd in the Rashi chart – a combination for astrologer and childbirth (Venus being my 5th lord) simultaneously.

As I started studying  this ‘Devine art’, with every progress, it raised more and more questions within me. And my curiosity kept increasing. I was keenly looking for a Guru who could guide me and provide a scientific insight into the vast subject of astrology. In 2013, I chanced upon (after a few blips) Ernst Wilhelm through a YouTube video; One of the best from the west. Whatever I have learned so far, I owe it to my guru. And since then, I have been devoting time to learning Vedic Sutras and helping my friends, family, and colleagues. You can refer to a few of my client’s testimony for your reference and their feedback.

For those who love to know the technicalities of astrology, I use sidereal Nakshatra and Tropical Rashis to forecast the charts of my clients.

To derive my conclusion from the client’s chart, I follow Jaimini (Sun) techniques to predict the concrete events of life and Parashara (moon) techniques (mainly Lajjitadi Avastha of an individual) to see how they are feeling about things in their life, relations and life purpose (more internal and qualitative derivations).

My goal is to help my clients at various junctures of their life to figure out what is their innate dharma and soul path and how their life path is likely to unfold with some ups and downs of life? What will help them and what will distract them what they should avoid or ignore (complete root cause analysis)

Believe it or not, in this trying time, the most sought consultations are Relationship issues and Finances. I try to focus on what would work better for them in the relationship, or they will have to choose a separate path – a marital ashram or a spiritual or will have both in their life? What to expect?

In India, most of my clients are focused on Careers and foreign travel. They usually know what career path they will choose. I usually clear their confusion between the choices or validate their choices by saying what career will be more suitable for them (any changes they might have based on the planetary Dasha (time periods)).

Few of my clients ask whether they will have fame and a name. Usually, famous (Inspired) people don’t go to an astrologer (astrologer studies them) or will they have enough wealth to run their family? Or will they get their fair share of life, and how much?

Few are interested in whether the stock market will work better for them or have their own business. They will be working for the Government or a privately owned company? Or will be better off growing vegetables and flowers? Will they ever go to a foreign country and never return, or they will prefer their own country?

Will you marry a spouse from different culture and religion or someone from your own religion, and race? And when or will never get married at all?

I try to answer all  their queries combined with very traditional remedies for clients which are prescribed in Vedic books.

Finally to conclude , being a student of astrology, I firmly believe that the Divine has given us the gift of astrology. I call it light on life through the eyes of Vedas to help us navigate our life path with a mix of our fate (75%) and free will (25%), and which one and in what portion you leverage is what makes every individual different than the other.

Om Shanti