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Successfully Resolve Challenges in Your Married Life by Astrologer

Greetings and welcome to the website devoted to discussing problems that could occur in a marriage! I want to assess potential threats to the longevity of your partnership. You can use our Astrology-based married life problem solution to find answers to any questions you have and take steps to create a happier marriage. Finding an astrological solution for husband-wife problems is much simpler when you understand the Karmic connection to your marital troubles.

Surround yourselves with people in healthy relationships: Spend time with people who appreciate marriage and live in a community where it is common practice to make marriages work.

Choose to love: It’s possible that falling in love was simple at first. Love is both an emotion and a decision.

Making a mature choice: has a much better track record than allowing emotion to find its way on its own.

Stop taking one another for granted: Say “thank you” for that cup of coffee. Pay attention to the details and conduct yourself in a way that shows you respect your connection.

How to Interpret Birth Chart Issues for Married Life

Birth charts can also be used to determine the causes of marital problems. Understanding the confusion between a husband and wife through Astrology is crucial. As marriage is a union of two people, the horoscopes of both partners must be taken into account when analyzing married life. The potential for good or bad impacts on these two horoscopes is examined. Now learn about how to determine marital issues from a birth chart.

The seventh house

The lord of the seventh house

The second house

The lord of the second house

The fourth house

The lord of the fourth house

The karaka of the second house

The karaka of the seventh house

The placement of each of the nine components in the navamsa

The Trisamsa placement of all the nine factors

Each of the nine elements listed in the Shastiamsa placement

The issues between a husband and wife can be clearly understood by conducting a thorough analysis of the variables mentioned in the Lagna, Navamsa, Trisamsa, and Shastiamsa. By assessing the above factors, we can identify the sort of misunderstanding between the husband and wife based on their dates of birth.

Marriage Problems and Married Life Astrology

Are you having that fluttery butterfly feeling of excitement and thinking about how your married life will be? Everyone desires a successful marriage, Tropical Rashi here to resolve your all problems related with marriage life. All that laughing and dancing- weddings are a lot of fun, but being married isn’t always a piece of cake, and many face challenges and troubles in marriage. Even if you’ve been married for a while or have recently tied the knot, Astrology can help you have a happy marriage because a “happy married life” truly requires a lot of work.

If you’re afraid about being married, whether it will be arranged or in love, and how your marriage will go? Marriage Astrology can then assist you in finding the answers to these questions. Your marriage will be significantly influenced by your marriage horoscope. Let’s explore the planets that have an impact on marriage and see how your birth chart might predict significant changes in your marriage!

Kundali matching is the first step to a happy married life- The secret to a happy and successful marriage is Kundali matching or matching horoscope. The practice of matching the horoscopes of the prospective bride and groom is known as Kundali matching. A couple will have a happy and wealthy married life, if the Janam Kundli or Janam Patrika matches, taking into consideration all the relevant doshas like Manglik Dosha and proper yogas. As per Astrology, To assess the compatibility of couples, 36 gunas are matched. However, astrologers must also take into consideration other elements. They would examine your birth chart’s seventh house, which is related to marriage.

Marriage Astrology: Divorce Yoga in Kundli

Venus plays a major role in love Astrology. Similarly, distinct astrological combinations have an impact on marriage and give divorce yoga when it comes to divorces or separations.

  • The 7th Lord in the 6th house of the 8th house assists in separation.
  • Marriage will be impacted by the 7th lord and the lords of the 6th or 8th houses in the 7th house. If a malefic planet makes an appearance with this and there is no benefic planet, the impact will be significant.
  • Mars and other unfavorable planets cause problems in marriage when they are related to the first, fourth, seventh, eighth, and twelfth houses. Also, it may even lead to separation/ divorce.
  • The sixth-house 7th lord is positioned there and is aspected by Saturn will lead to an extended court case and then to divorce.
  • Marital issues are caused by Venus ailment in male horoscopes and Mars affliction in female horoscopes.
  • Both Mars and Saturn together respecting the 7th or 8th house will give problems in married life.
  • Strong Mangal Dosh when Mars is placed in 2nd, 4th, 8th, or 12th leads to problems in married life.
  • Affliction of the 2nd, 6th, 7th, 8th, or 12th houses in a horoscope denotes divorce or separation.

Problems in Finding A Life Partner? Let Astrology Guide You

In the past, marriages were less complicated. Early marriages were celebrated, and as soon as a boy or girl reached the age of marriage, the family’s elders began looking for a suitable bride or groom. The journey of two people becoming husband and wife brings about life fulfillment in all aspects, including responsibility, love and caring, having children, and so on. For most of us, Marriage follows birth and death as natural progressions. According to Astrology, each of the nine planets affect a person’s marriage, whether it is happy or unhappy. Sometimes we notice that even very good-looking, well-established personalities, well-educated also find difficulty in getting married or issues in their marital lives.

Our marriage is heavily influenced by the second, eighth, and twelfth houses. Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, Mars, and Sun are in the position of controlling a late or delayed marriage. Sun influences gently by playing the subsidiary role, with Saturn and Rahu playing the key dominant roles. Saturn places a person in a situation where they must deal with several crises and difficulties in all areas of their lives, including their work, family, health, and finances.

The first interaction between the soul and its new life on earth occurs at the Lagna or Ascendant. The ascendant, sometimes referred to as the Lagna, is the degree of the constellation and sign that is rising on the eastern horizon when a person is born. The seventh house is the furthest opposite of the western horizon.


Why am I not getting the happiness of marriage?

Due to some troubling yogas in the birth chart, the native’s marriage may also have difficulties. Regarding marital happiness, There isn’t much happiness in marriage if the seventh house or its ruler is in a bad sign, or if unfavorable planets are the sixth, eighth, or twelfth houses. Evaluate 7th and 9th house related factors in Birth chart , D7- Saptamsha ,  and in D9 – Navamsha charts along with Venus and Jupitor’s Lajitadi Avastha.

Why do disputes persist in married life?

A person frequently does not experience the happiness they had hoped for after marriage, and as a result, animosity in relationships worsens over time. The second house and the marital house may be affected by the malefic planets Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu. Astrology is essential for comprehending these issues, and if the right advice and solutions are put in place at the appropriate moment, one can resolve all marital issues.

Which planets in the horoscope present challenges to a happy marriage?

Marital bliss may be reduced if Mars, Venus, or Jupiter are corrupt planets. Venus and Jupiter sustain harmony and affection in the relationship when they are in a favorable position in the horoscope.

Does Mars in the seventh house hinder happiness or marriage?

Mars can cause Manglik Dosha if it is placed in certain birth chart houses. If Mars is placed in the seventh house, it specifically affects marital relationships.