Medical Astrology

The Fascinating World of Medical Astrology and Disease

Living creatures are all prone to health problems & medical issues with very few exceptions. But there’s another saying: prevention is better than cure. Medical science is beneficial in this regard, but health comes first. Medical Astrology can also be used to discover health issues in a person’s life. How can health prediction help with health issues? Can Astrology predict a person’s health problems? Yes, Tropical Rashi Astrology can aid in the prediction of health and medical difficulties. The most important thing to remember here is that an astrology health check forecasts medical problems before they occur.

Health Astrology Predictions- How Astrology Helps with Health Issues

We have learned that health by date of birth is an early warning sign of health problems and medical disorders. A timely alarm on health difficulties from horoscopes makes us much more comfortable taking precautions in advance rather than rushing to doctors and hospitals when such issues arise. Understand how health Astrology works in health issues now? In Medical Astrology, The horoscope is divided into twelve houses. These twelve horoscope houses include all areas of human life, including health. These twelve houses in a health horoscope are all part of Kalpurush Kundli.

In these twelve houses, The first house represents the person’s mind, face, and personality, the second house represents vocal/voice, the third house represents the chest and arms, the fourth house represents the heart, and so on. If you have malicious planets in these homes, you will have health problems.

Health Prediction Based on Your Date of Birth

Health by date of birth: Reading all houses and planets in your birth chart can bring health problems. The date of birth can be used to provide health predictions for specific diseases. Do you have concerns about your mental and physical health? Do you wish to know how your health will be in the following years? Explore all of your health-related difficulties with health astrology and health forecasts by date of birth. “Health is wealth”, when you are physically strong and mentally sound, you perform your duties well at work and on the domestic front.

According to medical Astrology, Our Astrologers will examine your birth chart and determine your basic physical constitution as well as your individual disease. It will also tell you when and where the disease will strike again. It also indicates your susceptibility to sickness and which body part gets affected.

Houses in Birth Chart Indicating Health Issues

Now, Let us get a better idea of which diseases are suggested by the different houses and indicators:

  • The first house represents the overall body like the face, head, facial bones, brain & complexion.
  • The second house represents the diseases related to teeth, speech, eyes,  throat.
  • The third house is for the collar, arms & related bones, shoulders, breathing issues.
  • The fourth house in the health horoscope is for heart, breast, lungs, chest, ribs.
  • Stomach ,liver are looked from fifth house.
  • Diseases in general,  intestines, kidneys, from the sixth house.
  • Seventh house for waist, and naval cavity.
  • Serious and difficult-to-cure disorders such as sexual organs, bladder, and urinary disorders from the  eight house in the birth chart.
  • Diseases related to nerves, hips, and thighs  from the ninth house.
  • Tenth house for joints, uppr knees, hams,  related diseases.
  • The eleventh house governs the legs and ankles.
  • Twelth house or Pisces for feet, left eye, toes, and more importantly for hospitalization and death. As we understand, the 12th house in the health birth chart represents an eventual loss.

The relationship Between Health & Astrology

According to Medical Astrology, The most crucial aspect of anyone’s life is their health. One can have all the happiness and pleasures in the world, but if one does not have good health, nothing else matters. One should consult Medical Astrology to learn about a person’s health. Previously, astrology was only associated with prosperity, good fortune, marriage, and so on. But none of this matters if you aren’t healthy. The most crucial aspect of attaining anything in life is one’s health. Vedic health horoscope by date of birth with the prediction of various things also helps in maintaining and achieving health.

How Astrologers Help in Diagnosing A Disease?

Kundali Prediction is the most important factor in illness diagnosis. An astrologer may accomplish a lot simply by knowing your birth information, which includes the date, time, and location of birth. A Medical Astrologer can forecast a sickness if any of the following events occur in a person’s kundali:

  • If a planet receives a poor aspect at any point in time, whether square or opposition.
  • If any malefic planets like Saturn, Mars, Rahu, Ketu, Uranus, Neptune, or Pluto are situated in any of the evil houses such as the sixth, eighth, or tenth house.
  • If the malefic planets are placed in the signs Scorpio, Virgo, or Pisces.
  • When any harmful planets are positioned in the Lagna or Ascendant.
  • If the Sun, Moon, and Lagna are all afflicted, death-like agonies are forecast.

Benefits of Medical Astrology in Managing A Multitude of Diseases- Tropical Rashi

Medical Astrology performs wonders in not just understanding ailments but also healing and managing them.

  • Medical Astrology assists in recognizing the afflictions and Doshas that lead to disease.
  • It aids in the identification of difficult planets that harm a person’s health.
  • Medical astrology is a boon for determining the negative factors in horoscopes that cause chronic diseases and disorders.
  • Medical Astrology depicts the role of heavenly bodies, stars, and planets in causing horoscope disruptions that lead to illnesses and diseases.
  • Importance of medical Astrology aids in determining the specific zodiac qualities that cause a person to become ill.

Tropical Rashi can be your most trustworthy partner in getting medical astrology assistance. Our essential astrologer has extensive knowledge and experience in this field. He will do a thorough study of your zodiac sign and horoscope, ruling out any factors that may be affecting your physical and mental health. Contact us to learn more about our excellent services.