Common Marriage Problems Solve By Astrology

Common Marriage Problems Solve By Astrology: Every marriage has its ups and downs. A couple’s problems can be prevented or simply resolved. Vedic Astrology is an incredible tool that assists you in identifying these problems. Knowing about them makes it easier to improve or work on them. Marriage is a beautiful bond between two souls who grow together by fulfilling their achievements and dreams. Caring and sharing for each other becomes a crucial ingredient for a good happy married life, especially since it is a union of two families. 

Planets play a vital role in making a marriage both destructive or successful by controlling us emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally. Each zodiac sign is associated with a certain element and facet that can help us address marriage-related issues. The Zodiac compatibility describes how energies interact and expand by reflecting our personality with all of its flaws and strengths. 

Common Problems in a Marriage Life: 

Hurdles and problems are common for married people and a lot of them can be avoided or resolved and fixed with multiple tools and solutions available around us. Mr. Yogesh Lohra helps one to identify which area of life needs to be focused on improving the overall quality of the married life. Tropical Rashi offers a valuable lifeline for couples facing common marriage problems.  By examining planetary alignments and birth charts, Tropical Rashi helps couples better understand themselves and their partners, fostering empathy and harmony.

Infidelity or extramarital affairs, misunderstanding, lack of understanding, financial differences, lack of emotional unavailability for each other, etc are some of the general problems that one can face in a marriage. Let us discover the keys to a wonderful love relationship by learning a few crucial facts about each zodiac sign for an amazing companionship.

Using Astrology to Correct Marital Problems: 

  • Aries: Aries is a fire element, so you are impulsive, strong-headed and naturally extroverted. For this Zodiac, challenges in married life would be poor planning, immense anger and lack of long-term vision in relationships. 
    1. Your propensity to work more than the typical person makes you a workaholic at times, as well as overly ambitious and anxious for rapid fulfillment.
    2. Aries are drawn to flashy and appealing spouses since Venus rules your native house of marriage and partnerships.
    3. As Aries and their partners are used to leading a relationship and being the center of attraction, the troubles are mostly related to the lack of attention you provide your spouse.

You can resolve issues on two levels:

Personal Level: Patience, paying attention to your companions and acting humanely and humbly manner would be beneficial.

Astrological Remedy: You should examine remedies for Mars and Venus in tandem to help Aries-born couples have a happy marriage.

  • Taurus: Taurus is an earth element and is ruled by Venus. They prefer to do things at their own pace, dislike being rushed and sometimes struggle to keep up with their companions who insist on getting things done right away.
    1. Mars, as a natural significator for Taurus, splits a person’s intense sexual urge.
    2. The union of Venus and Mars fills them with love and passion. This is long with self-discipline, tremendous willpower, honesty and loyalty which induces high expectations from their partner and they feel dejected if such conditions are not fulfilled. 

You can resolve issues on two levels: 

Personal Remedy: Their solution is to retain an open mind, engage in open discussion with others, and act quickly rather than hesitate.

Astrological Remedy: The native must be instructed on remedies based on Mars and Venus by carefully analyzing their placement in the horoscope. 

  • Gemini: This zodiac is ruled by Mercury and it is an air element. They believe in living life to the fullest, are deep thinkers, extremely expressive, rapid learners, and high-energy people who can be difficult to deal with. 
    1. Mercury causes Gemini residents to boast and be proud of themselves.
    2. They are frequently dissatisfied with themselves, which leads to cruelty and conflict in a marriage.

You can resolve issues on two levels: 

Personal Remedy: Be faithful, loyal and be a good listener

Astrological Remedy: Need to analyze the position of Jupiter and Mercury in a horoscope. 

  • Cancer: This Zodiac is controlled by the moon and is a water element. The Moon possesses strong maternal and paternal instincts, making the cancer natives conservative and home-loving by nature. 
    1. They are quite possessive of their own family, which causes a significant hurdle in other responsibilities.
    2. Moon and Saturn combination give good retentive memory. 

You can resolve issues on two levels: 

Personal Remedy: For a healthy companionship, Cancerians should be able to forgive and forget rather than carry grudges and suffering.

Astrological Remedy: Moon and Saturn are a highly explicit combo that must be correctly seen in a horoscope.

  • Leo: Leo is ruled by the sun and is a fiery element. The sun makes them optimistic and does not enable them to shrink from adversity, which makes them a realistic person. 
    1. Saturn rules the marital house, which creates inflated ego and arrogance.
    2. Sun and Saturn, both deadly combinations, draw them to the point of blindness and great expectations from their partner, resulting in disappointment and pain in marital life.

You can resolve issues on two levels:

Personal Remedy: The best solution for Leos is to be grounded and practical, live a real life, stop fantasizing, and be a good listener.

Astrological Remedy: Need to analyze the Saturn and Sun in a horoscope

  • Virgo: Virgo ruler is Mercury and is an earth element. Here, mercury makes them a lover of cleanliness, perfection, hygiene and order, which makes it difficult for their partner to match high expectations.
    1. The natural signifier Jupiter grants the potential to be a perfectionist in everything, which is a significant disadvantage.
    2. Jupiter and Mercury combination makes them calculative and analytic.

You can resolve issues on two levels:

Personal Remedy: For Virgos, the most effective treatment is to quit criticizing and moaning about your companion. 

Professional Remedy: Need to analyze Jupiter and Mercury in your horoscope.

  • Libra: Libra natives are ruled by Venus and it is an air element. They strive for balance, creativity and harmony. The Moon, as a natural significator, makes you curious about your companion. 
    1. Libra is a sign of balance and fairness, thus they strive to maintain it at all costs, which disturbs and annoys their spouse.
    2. They are rarely happy and trustworthy in marriages, but their unexpected outbursts of fury and shallow nature might have an impact on their married life. 

You can resolve issues on two levels:

Personal Remedy: Libra natives must struggle to avoid being thrown off balance by the weight of emotional and physical relationships, whether their own or those of others.

Astrological Remedy: In a horoscope, Venus and the Moon must be analyzed. 

  • Scorpio: Mars provides an explosive undercurrent that brings out the intensity of your personality. 
    1. They are easily offended and perceive insult or injury if their spouses do not soothe their ego.
    2. Mars causes individuals to be secretive and suspicious, which is painful in a healthy marriage.

You can resolve issues on two levels:

Personal Remedy: Scorpios must refrain from offering impassioned speeches and instead remain calm and polite.

Astrology Remedy: Need to analyze Venus and Mars in a horoscope. 

  • Capricorn: Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, and its element is Earth. Saturn influences them to be sensible, grounded, true friends, long planners and well organized, which causes them to be distant, astute, and capable of depressing everyone.
    1. Your unforgiving, stubbornness, perseverance, hardworking and self-disciplined nature often puts them down
    2. If they have not succeeded, it may affect their married life. 

You can resolve issues on two levels:

Personal Remedy: They require a pleasant environment to keep their spirits alive.

Astrological Remedy: Need to analyze Venus and Saturn in a horoscope.

  • Aquarius: Aquarius locals are opportunists and realistic, but they are also extremely distant and do not actively seek out a relationship.
    1. Natural signifier Sun inspires them to be daring and outlandish to engage in any regular protocol.
    2. This has an impact on their marriage as Aquarius natives fail to meet their partner’s expectations.

You can resolve issues on two levels:

Personal Remedy: Overcome their sensitivity and increase their willpower.

Astrological Remedy: Need to analyze the Sun and Saturn in a horoscope.

  • Pisces: Jupiter makes them charitable and generous. However, their partner may think as unrealistic, impractical and often unreliable.
    1. As Mercury is the natural significator, they are extremely intelligent but also impulsive and foolish, which causes problems in their marriage.

You can resolve issues on two levels:

Personal Remedy: Work on confidence and willpower.

Astrological Remedy: Need to analyze Mercury and Jupiter in a horoscope.