hindu wedding dates in 2023

Hindu Wedding Dates in 2023 : As life gets back to normal in 2022 and most offices, holiday destinations, markets and other public-focused places are open and operating, followed by hybrid or cautious culture, how come Indian weddings could stay behind? Couples waited a very long time to get married where, how, and in the way that they desired. If you are planning your marriage in 2023, First and foremost, confirm the wedding dates for 2023. According to Hindu Panchnag, the best months to get married are Phalgun, Magh, Jyeshta, Vaishakh and Margashirsh as per the Hindu calendar and Panchang followed in North India. Magh month occurs in January and February, Vaishakh month falls in April and May, Jyeshta month falls in May and June and Margashirsha month occurs in November and December. 

To find an auspicious wedding date (Shubh Vivah Muhurat), you may need to consult with Mr. Yogesh Lohra who has become a trusted guide for couples seeking an ideal Muhurat for their marriage. However, choosing the months and timing of weddings is particularly crucial as India has extreme weather, which affects all aspects of a wedding ceremony’s emotions. To help you in this, Tropical Rashi offers the Hindu wedding dates in 2023 based on months to help you decide the best day of your life. 

Hindu Wedding Dates in January 2023 

January represents new b beginnings and presents the perfect opportunity to highlight a milestone like a wedding. Weddings are the beginning of your new life as a married couple, which is why the first month of the year is regarded as the “doorway” to the new year. India faces extreme cold and winter during the month, but that’s the beauty one can cherish in their weddings. 

2023 January Wedding DatesWedding Day
19 January 2023Thursday
25 January 2023Wednesday
26 January 2023Thursday
27 January 2023Friday
28 January 2023Saturday
30 January 2023Monday
31 January 2023Tuesday

February 2023 Hindu Wedding Dates 

It seems appropriate to give weddings an extra special celebration in February as it’s regarded as the most romantic month of the year. February in India has a cooler environment than the following months because it marks the conclusion of the winter season. The weather condition makes the month a perfect time to get married. 

February 2023 Wedding DatesWedding Day
01 February 2023Wednesday
06 February 2023Monday
07 February 2023Tuesday
08 February 2023Wednesday
09 February 2023Thursday
10 February 2023Friday
16 February 2023Thursday
17 February 2023Friday
22 February 2023Wednesday
26 February 2023Sunday

Hindu Wedding Dates in March 2023 

March is a great time of year in India. Although it gets extremely hot during the day or later in the month, the weather is normally perfect and it rarely rains. Hinduism’s biggest festival “Holi” also falls this month. Typically, the month of March also has favorable wedding Muhurat 2023. 

March 2023 Wedding DatesWedding 
09 March 2023Thursday

April 2023 Hindu Wedding Dates 

Although the fact that this month in India marks the start of summer, many still like getting married at this time. Since it’s also summer, this month presents a fantastic chance for families and couples to save big on venue reservations and preparations. Though the sun remains bright all day in April, the nights are blooming and pleasant, making it the right time to indulge in wedding ceremonies. The month also experiences little rain, which makes it ideal for Indian families to plan their children’s weddings and accommodate their lengthy guest list. 

Hindu Wedding Dates in May 2023 

Despite being a very hot month in India, Hindu astrology predicts that May will have multiple wedding Muhurt dates in 2023. Indian families prepare to host their closest friends and family at the wedding as the month also starts with school holidays for the children and because the country is experiencing widespread heat waves. 

May 2023 Wedding DatesWedding Day
03 May 2023Wednesday
04 May 2023Wednesday
07 May 2023Sunday
09 May 2023Tuesday
10 May 2023Wednesday
11 May 2023Thursday
12 May 2023Friday
17 May 2023Wednesday
21 May 2023Sunday
26 May 2023Friday
27 May 2023Saturday
28 May 2023Sunday
29 May 2023Monday
30 May 2023Tuesday

June 2023 Hindu Wedding Dates 

Although June is the last month of the year when the Indian wedding season is put on pause, the month also marks the conclusion of the country’s summer, when there is little to no rain, providing the ideal chance for families to arrange wedding ceremonies in this month as well. Besides the heat in the weather, energy and enthusiasm don’t fade among the couples and their families and friends. 

June 2023 Wedding DatesWedding Day
03 June 2023Saturday
05 June 2023Monday
06 June 2023Tuesday
07 June 2023Wednesday
08 June 2023Thursday
11 June 2023Sunday
12 June 2023Monday
22 June 2023Thursday
23 June 2023Friday
25 June 2023Sunday
27 June 2023Tuesday
28 June 2023Wednesday

November 2023 Hindu Wedding Dates 

November 2023 Wedding DatesWedding Day
23 November 2023Thursday
24 November 2023Friday
27 November 2023Monday
28 November 2023Tuesday
29 November 2023Wednesday

Hindu Wedding Dates in December 2023 

December 2023 Wedding DatesWedding Day
03 December 2023Sunday
04 December 2023Monday
07 December 2023Thursday
08 December 2023Friday
09 December 2023Saturday