Auspicious Dates and Time For Property Registration 2023

Considering the auspicious date and time for property registration helps you ensure that the property will benefit you. Also, allows you to make sure the home you’re investing in is the best fit. Registering or buying a property is one of the significant investments in one’s life. You might put your entire life’s worth of savings into buying that house. Thus it becomes all the more important to consult with a Vastu expert and an Astrologer. Consulting with Mr. Yogesh Lohra for auspicious dates & times when buying or registering property is a prudent step that many individuals take to ensure a prosperous and harmonious future. He can provide valuable guidance to help you make an informed decision on this significant life journey with confidence.

Welcome to Tropical Rashi, your go-to online destination for all your Astrological needs.  Mr. Yogesh Lohra is dedicated to assisting you in finding the most auspicious dates for one of life’s most significant investments – buying property. It is crucial to comprehend these planetary alignments or nakshatras. Considering how their change in position affects us. But these changes generate certain energies and these energies affect us in different ways. 

Auspicious dates & time for property registration in June 2023 

The following are the lucky dates for registering properties that are available in June 2023.

DateDayTimings Nakshatra
June 2, 2023Friday 06:53 AM to 05:53 AM, June 3Vishakha
June 22, 2023Thursday05:54 AM to 05:55 AM, June 23Ashlesha, Magha
June 23, 2023Friday 05:55 AM to 05:55 AM, June 24Magha
June 29, 2023Thursday04:30 PM to 05:56 AM, June 30Vishakha
June 30, 2023Friday 05:56 AM to 05:57 AM, July 1 Vishakha, Anuradha


Auspicious dates & time for property registration in July 2023 

The following days are auspicious for registering properties in July 2023.

DateDay Timings Nakshatra 
July 7, 2023Friday 10:16 PM to 05:59 AM, July 8Purva Bhadrapada
June 14, 2023Friday10:27 PM to 06:02 AM, Jul 15Mrigashirsha


Auspicious dates & time for property registration in August 2023 

The following dates are auspicious for registering properties in August 2023.

DateDay Timings Nakshatra 
August 17, 2023Thursday 06:16 AM to 06:16 AM, August 18Magha, Purva Phalguni
August 18, 2023Friday 06:16 AM to 10:57 PMPurva Phalguni
August 24, 2023Thursday 06:18 AM to 06:19 AM, August 25Vishakha, Anuradha
August 25, 2023Friday 05:55 AM to 09:14 AMAnuradha
August 31, 2023Thursday 05:45 PM to 03:18 AM, September 1 Purva Bhadrapada


Auspicious dates & time for property registration in September 2023 

The following are favorable dates for property registration that will be available in September 2023 

DateDay Timings Nakshatra 
September 1, 2023Friday06:21 AM to 02:56 PMPurva Bhadrapada
September 7, 2023Thursday10:25 AM to 06:23 AM, September 8Mrigashirsha
September 8, 2023Thursday06:23 AM to 12:09 PMMrigashirsha
September 14, 2023Friday06:25 AM to 04:54 AM, September 15Purva Phalguni
September 21, 2023Thursday06:27 AM to 03:35 PMAnuradha
September 22, 2023Friday03:34 PM to 06:28 AM, September 23Mula
September 28, 2023Thursday06:30 AM to 01:48 AM, September 29Purva Bhadrapada
September 29, 2023Friday11:18 PM to 06:30 AM, September 30Revati


Auspicious dates & time for property registration in October 2023 

The following days are fortunate for registering properties in October 2023.

October 5, 2023Thursday06:32 AM to 07:40 PMMrigashirsha
October 6, 2023Friday09:32 PM to 06:33 AM, October 7Punarvasu
October 12, 2023Thursday06:35 AM to 11:36 AMPurva Phalguni
October 19, 2023Thursday09:04 PM to 06:38 AM, October 20Mula
October 20, 2023Friday06:38 AM to 06:39 AM, October 21Mula, Purva Ashadha
October 26, 2023Thursday06:41 AM to 11:27 AMPurva Bhadrapada
October 27, 2023FridayOctober 26, 2023Revati


Auspicious date & time for property registration in November 2023 

Following are the auspicious dates for property registration available in November 2023

November 2, 2023Thursday05:57 AM to 06:34 AM, November 3Punarvasu, Ardra
November 3, 2023Friday06:45 AM to 06:46 AM, November 4Punarvasu
November 16, 2023Thhursday06:53 AM to 06:54 AM, November 17Mula, Purva Ashadha
November 17, 2023Friday06:54 AM to 01:17 AM, November 18Purva Ashadha
November 23, 2023Thursday05:16 PM to 06:51 AM, November 24Revati
November 24, 2023Friday06:59 AM to 04:01 PMRevati
November 30, 2023Thursday03:01 PM to 07:04 AM, December 1Punarvasu


Auspicious dates & time for property registration in December 2023 

December 1, 2023Friday07:04 AM to 04:40 PMPunarvasu
December 14, 2023Thursday07:12 AM to 07:13 AM, December 15Mula, Purva Ashadha
December 15, 2023Friday07:06 AM to 08:10 AMPurva Ashadha
December 21, 2023Thursday07:16 AM to 10:09 PMRevati
December 28, 2023Thursday 07:19 AM to 01:05 AM, December 29Punarvasu
December 28, 2023Friday03:10 AM to 07:20 AM, December 30Ashlesha